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Dream Beans 

Encourages young readers to utilize the precious gift of their imagination. It teaches a wondrous lesson: God wants you to be YOU!


Meet Betsy!

Author Betsy Church has a B.S. degree in Education and is proud to consider herself a lifelong learner. She has a passion for helping others to see their potential and finds honor and privilege in encouraging them to be the best they can be.

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Dream Beans

  • Utilizes The Dream Beans as a metaphor for the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • Is a fictional story to help us to dream with our eyes wide open.

  • Invites conversations about God and helps bring God into our dreams.

  • Provides a connecting point for parents to read with their children.

  • Uses relatable characters to help develop a love of reading.

  • Reminds us that we are all individuals with our own unique personalities, gifts, and talents.

Through my story,
I hope to foster a connection
with our Creator and those we love.
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